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Clinical Massage


Clinical massage can benefit anyone who is suffering from chronic pain, painful trigger points and muscle dysfunction. But it may also include individuals, who have respiratory breathing problems, suffer from poor posture, or have scar tissue formation from a recent or past surgery.
This is a deeper type of massage working the different layers of muscles, connective tissues and muscle adhesion’s It is also used for deactivating painful trigger points to restore normal muscle function. So if you had massages from other “Spas” and were not satisfied, clinical massage is for you. While not common, some bruising and muscle soreness may occur.

Is this Massage

Right for you?

A clinical massage utilizes techniques that focuses on soft tissue injuries and the connective tissues of your muscles, called fascia. If you are suffering from pain, soft tissue injuries, muscle stiffness, painful trigger points, restricted range of motion, muscle dysfunction or if just getting out of bed is harder to do then our clinical center is right for you. The primary focus of clinical massage is to work on the soft tissues.
While fascia is highly elastic, the problem with fascia is prolonged periods of immobilization.If you hold your body in one position for long periods of time (i.e. computer users), your fascia will adapt to that length and resist any attempt to return to its normal length, thus making your muscles become stuck.
Injuries to your body also have the same effect. The resultant response to an injury is the formation of adhesion’s and scar tissue. Without proper treatment, scar tissue formation will result in decreased muscle function and movement.

We use a 4 step rehabilitation protocol for treating soft tissue injuries:
  • Normalize soft tissue dysfunction
  • Improve flexibility
  • Restore proper movement patterns
  • Strengthening and Conditioning (not in-house). We will provide recommendations.

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