Drink Water!

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That thirst is your body calling for re-hydration! Proper hydration is critical to everyone. Water helps to regulate body temperature, keeps joints lubricated and helps the body to move nutrients freely. When you aren’t properly hydrated, your athletic performance suffers. Muscles will cramp because of dehydration. You may even experience dizziness and fatigue. There are no set guidelines for keeping your body hydrated. Often, the fail safe eight cups of water per day isn’t enough. This is

Preventing Running Injuries

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Staying in shape and healthy is very important. If you are an avid runner for fun or for your health, you need to take precautions. Taking precautions to prevent running injuries can help you continue to feel your very best. Don’t wait until you actually experience an injury before you make changes in your routine. Stretching It is very important that you stretch before and after each running session. Don’t be in such a rush that you bypass doing so. Don’t assume that because it is a warm spring