The start of a new year is the perfect time for many to create personal and professional goals. Weight loss, exercising and staying healthy are some of the most popular goals created. But did you know that only 8% of the people that make New Year’s resolutions are actually successful at keeping them?
At Therapia, we know that most individuals who strive to lose weight and exercise more do not see the results they want or they get injured in the process and give up. Robert Vignoli has designed a plan to help you stay on course and stay injury-free. If you are like most individuals, you may join a bootcamp course, hire a personal trainer or join a gym. This is great, but you could be exercising and training with certain dysfunctional postural habits in place that could lead to injury.
For a limited time, Robert will assess and create a custom program just for you. And this can be done without changing your current training regimen. If you are just starting out, this program is perfect for you. Start your fitness program off right and get the answers you need to train correctly and reduce your injury risk.
New Year’s Resolution Package just $199 (reg. $255)
1 – 75 minute evaluation and massage ($130 value)
1 – 50 minute corrective exercise session ($75 value)
1 – 6 week training program ($50 value)
Get Assessed Before You Get Dressed To Train
Getting assessed is not just about looking for potential injury risks. It can also help you perform, feel and move better. If you are a runner with tight hip flexors, you are not running in the most efficient manner. If you have a stiff, painful low back, think about how much better you would feel without it.
Robert is an advanced trained massage therapist who is also a certified Paul Check corrective exercise specialist. He has developed a proprietary corrective/functional program that can help you achieve more and have less pain.
Performance Pyramid
The performance pyramid is essentially a diagram or checklist to help us identify what we should focus on first, second, third and fourth.

Movement Versus Performance
The bottom two blocks; mobility and stability is really a measure of quality – it represents your ability to both produce and control movement through a full range of functional patterns. This is essential no matter what activity you partake in.
Most fitness training programs primarily focus on the two top blocks, improving power or strength. And this is done with very little consideration as to whether or not you have the mobility or stability to do so.