Valentine’s day is not just for lovers.

This hallmark holiday seems to have lovers and haters. Those in relationships tend to look forward to getting special gifts such as flowers, chocolates, massages and even proposals for marriage. Those without a significant other, look at this day as a dreadful reminder of how lonely one is. Even the movie industry is launching, How to Be Single this Valentine’s weekend to capture the “single’ audience.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
If we revised Valentine’s Day to represent LOVE as a whole then we and consider this day as a self care day regardless of our martial status. Would it be great if we can celebrate a day for just self care? Meditate, hike, yoga, fast or feast but do everything that one day for self care.
We want to encourage you to look at Valentine’s Day as your personal self care day. We encourage you to book your massage or even facial with Therapia. We currently are offering great massage promos. You can book same room couple’s massages this weekend to re-build your connection or if you want to gift a loved one a special treat, we have a 75-minute Roses are Red treatment design to de-stress them from head to toe.
Check out what our clients are saying about us on Yelp and make the right choice to use this Valentine’s Holiday a gift of health and re-connection.
Reasons why massage is beneficial
It helps with postural stressIt decreases muscle painHelps with depression and anxietyHelps with insomniaBoosts immunityIt relieves headachesGreat method to rejuvenate
Book your massage now. Limited spaces are available. We will have light refreshments and drinks available on Valentine’s Day to enhance your experience. For our promotions, please visit our home page.
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