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There is something to be said for a businesswoman who networks. Not only is our owner Doreen Jattan an amazing person, single mom of two young children and an intelligent business owner, she also cares for those around her. Doreen has built a massage business that focuses on healing – a business that truly cares about every person who walks through the door but at the heart of everything she does is genuine authenticity. This is how she lives her entire life. Caring.
Follow Doreen for one day and you’ll be exhausted. From kids school, daycare and activities to managing her staff to multiple business meetings during the day and networking at night, Doreen covers so much ground its incredible. She’s not your average business woman, she’s someone who works very hard to ensure she is helping everyone around her. Like many business women, Doreen is motivated to push herself and business to the highest level possible and she’s doing it. Therapia has quickly become the go-to massage company in the Bay Area.
Last week, this effort paid off for her within her community.

(Shown above: WNA Chapter President, Tracey Lee Davis and on the right, Doreen Jattan)
Doreen received two awards from a local networking organization that she has been a member of for several years: The Women’s Networking Alliance. She received a local award for her chapter – Member of the Year, impressive? Yes. But more impressive is the national level award she received – the highest level award that WNA gives out – National Member of the Year.
I work for Doreen – I’m also the founder of The Women’s Networking Alliance and I’m going to tell you why she received this award. It’s simple: she cares. Not only does she work her own business to its fullest potential, she also works for everyone else. She is the #1 lead/referral generator in ALL of WNA. She has brought in more people to WNA than everyone else combined. In her own chapter, she was voted to receive every single award offered. Doreen is not your ordinary business woman. She’s extraordinary and I hope, when I grow up, I can be just like her.
If you see her, say congratulations! She deserves the kudos and here at Therapia, we’re really proud of her!
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